Top 3 Ladder Safety Tips for Being Safe on a Roof

Ladder safety is important for many reasons. You are climbing up something that can take you several stories high. While using a ladder is relatively safe, it is important to always take precaution to avoid falling. You could become seriously injured if you were to fall from a very high distance. While you may have already learned about roofing safety and construction safety when preparing for the job, there are still a few tips you should know to keep yourself protected.

Choose the Right Ladder for the Job You’re Doing

Having the wrong ladder for the job could cost you dearly, which is why it is important that you shop around and find a ladder designed specifically for the construction job you are doing. So how exactly do you decide which ladder is the right one? The first thing you need to do is figure out which brand you’ll choose.
There are certain brands, such as Louisville, that are known in the construction industry because of their durability. Once you know which brand you are going for, you can take a look at the ladders and pick a suitable option. An extension ladder might be what you need to get to a roof and a scaffolding ladder is what you will need when working on a scaffolding project. If you’re working on electrical wires, you will want to have a ladder made from wood or fiberglass instead of metal. These are just a few things to think about when picking out a ladder.

Wear the Right Shoes

Having the right shoes on your feet is important for so many reasons. If you are not wearing shoes with a good grip, you could easily slip right off the ladder. Is it really worth falling off and breaking something in your body? Not at all. Keep yourself protected by purchasing footwear designed for the construction industry. If you are not sure whether to go for sneakers or a certain style of boots, you can look at the shoes that Cougar Paws offers. These shoes come with different types of pads that have a strong grip and are designed to help people avoid falls.

Use a Safety Harness When Climbing a Ladder

A ladder harness offers fall protection. If you don’t wear one, you are taking a risk every time. Even if you are always careful and play it safe, it is still important to wear your safety harness. Some harnesses pass through the legs only. However, there are full-body harnesses that will make you feel even safer when you are at a dangerous height. The construction industry is, at times, a dangerous field to work in. It involves lots of climbing and working on areas that aren’t always at ground level.

Whether you are a professional or are just getting started with construction and still feel nervous about the heights, you should have a safety harness strapped on your body. Wearing the harness, protective shoes, and using the right ladder will allow you to do your job safely.