The Story of SafeGuard Pro and Don Graham

SafePro Guard CEO Don Graham, inventor of the EZLadder Guardian®, has worked in the construction industry for over 30 years. Don has served as a roofing company representative, a building inspector, and an insurance adjuster. Don is passionate about ladder safety, because he has experienced firsthand the dangers of working on rooftops.

In 1986, Don was seriously hurt in a construction accident. He was told that he may never regain the use of his arms and that he faced the possibility of amputation. With the help of medical professionals and a lot of hard work, Don recovered, but that experience drove him to invent the EZLadder Guardian®.

The EZLadder Guardian® is the first product in a planned line of  ladder assist solutions designed to reduce the risk to construction industry professionals and homeowners who need to get the job done…safely.